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    12" vinyl split of two early 80's English goth bands: Final Scream and Vanishing Point, both personally related to still active goth act 13th Chime. Music for fans of Bauhaus, Siouxsie, UK Decay, Ausgang... On record you can find 4 studio tracks of Final Scream and 3 studio tracks of The V...

  • Joanna Makabresku "Zimno" Vinyl LP 12"

      Polska: 55 PLN (1 LP) + wysyłka za jedną sztukę lub wiecej (11 PLN) (prosimy o kontakt w sprawie nr konta) Drugi album warszawskich zimnofalowców, nagrany i wydany blisko 30 lat po debiucie, będący jego naturalną kontynuacją. Atmosfera plus dobre melodiie. W środku również wkładka ze zdjęciami i...

  • 1919 "The madness continues" vinyl LP 12"

      Polska: 55 PLN + wysyłka (za 1 lub więcej LP 13 PLN) (1 LP) (prosimy o kontakt w sprawie nr konta)   1919 - Leeds' 80's goth-punk legend, reactivated. "The Madness Continues" Sessions... (released firstly on CDR in 2015) The album features a collection of classic 1919 songs...

  • Schröttersburg "Cialo" vinyl LP 12"

    Second album of Polish cold wave / post-punk / noise band from Płock.   listen to at:  

  • Joanna Makabresku : "Piata prostytucja" vinyl LP 12"

    Originally released as a tape album in 1990 by Polish, Warsaw new wave band  Joanna Makabresku. Gatefold  plus insert with the story of the  band and poster on the other side.   - SOLDOUT -

  • Inca Babies : "Death message blues"

    Their first album since 1988 “Opium Den”. Great post-punk style rockabillyblues.Vinyl version of album, Old Skull Records - limited to 250 copies. Has black-white insert with lyrics.

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